Brand Identity, Packaging, Pattern Design
Wandering Lotus

2021 GD USA Packaging Design Award
OPPORTUNITY: Despite having an established product lineup in the health and wellness category, The Wandering Lotus faced a growing number of competitors. They knew they needed to make dramatic changes to their brand positioning and packaging to appeal to a new style of health-conscious consumers.
THE CHANGE: The Wandering Lotus brand is based on bringing Ayurvedic health principles to health-conscious grocery shoppers. Using the style of a lotus flower head, we developed a fresh and energetic logo highlighting the naturally-sourced ingredients and developed a diverse set of patterns. A refreshed color palette paired with metallic printing highlights the benefits of each product.  
IMPACT: The refreshed packaging breaks away from the confusion of the previous product name and shines–literally! The Wandering Lotus plans to roll out the new packaging to retailers across Canada in the coming months.  
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