Brand Identity, Packaging
Vie Chi
OPPORTUNITY: A walk down the frozen entree aisle of your local grocery store will yield a noticeable lack of healthy or flavorful options. Vie Chi saw this as an opportunity to redirect the conversation with healthy and flavorful Asian fusion recipes. ​​​​​​​ 
THE CHANGEVie Chi approached the food space differently, starting with their Asian culture and background in European fashion. They brought in celebrated chefs to develop their recipes. We developed a brand that helped to elevate their visual appeal, focusing on high-contrast designs with careful applications of distinguishing colors for each product SKU. 
IMPACTThe resulting packages are striking in retail, replete with a gold foil band and spot gloss Chinese characters. Even before the launch, retailers were excited to pick up the products for their stores. Vie Chi still wanted to do more and started their own non-profit, Cherry Table, to provide meals on a one-for-one basis to families in need. As they continue to spread their brand farther across Canada, they can feed ever more people, including those less fortunate. 
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