Brand Development & Marketing
Van Aken District
OBJECTIVE: Van Aken District is a popular new outdoor shopping and social space on Cleveland's East Side. Although they have a great space with a food hall, outdoor and indoor dining, and social events, they were concerned their message was getting lost in the noise. They approached us to help expand and clarify their existing brand's reach. 

SOLUTIONVan Aken already had an established logo, but very little to go with it. ​​​​​​Our goal was to further expand the color palette and messaging for a more cohesive shopper experience. At Fizz we are strong believers in specialization, so we partnered with our friends at Muse who tackled brand language and messaging. Meanwhile, we developed new banners, ads, brochures, and a whole new grid approach to their Instagram account. Our focus was to attract several distinct groups: food vendors, shop owners, and the shoppers themselves. 
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