Brand Identity and Custom Font
Stamp Yours
OBJECTIVE: A Cleveland machining company, Stamp Yours, asked us to help distinguish their brand from national competitors. They specialize in precision jewelry stamps. In addition to traditional branding, they needed to emboss their brand on all finished products, so the logo had to work at miniature sizes for the sides of their smallest stamps.  
SOLUTION: We learned from the client that stamps work best as thin lines. This led us to develop a custom type and monogram solution where the outline of each stamp is a hairline but gives the impression of extra text weight. The final brand colors reflect the precious metals jewelers use—gold, silver, pewter, and stainless steel.  Patterns were based on the typography brand elements we developed. 
Katie and Jasen at Fizz have been a pleasure to work with. Through out all our meetings, they listened, asked questioned and really tried to get to know our business / ideology to ensure that they created a logo that would be consistent with our vision. We are a picky bunch over here and weren't afraid to go back and forth a few times about design adjustments. They were EXTREMELY helpful, patient and great about the whole process. It was clear that they really cared and wanted to make sure we were pleased with the results-- and they hit a home run! We love it.
–Elie Jammal, Stamp Yours
The stamping process requires extremely thin lines to stamp a clear image. This led us to develop a custom type and monogram solution where the outline of each letter stamps cleanly, but gives the impression of extra text weight. Final files were delivered as monoline machine files for dynamic scaling. Each die is cut using a specific line weight optimized for stamping. 
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