Brand Identity, Packaging, Brand Naming
Savoure Kitchen

2021 GD USA Packaging Design Award
OBJECTIVE: Savory Snackage asked us to help their brand pivot as they added new product categories and grew beyond their original band. What started as tasty seasoned nut mixes was now expanding into sauces and dressings, with more concepts on the horizon.
SOLUTION: It was important for Savory to retain their current customers, so we worked with them to develop a more inclusive brand name that maintained a link to the original. Thus Savory Snackage became Savoure Kitchen. We developed a brand mark around the idea of neatly arranged spice powders. To emphasize the clean ingredients, we developed a set of unique custom illustrations for each sauce, dressing, and barbecue sauce. The front label includes a flavor description and tasting notes for curious shoppers. A metallic treatment on the labels further highlights the packaging. 
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