Brand Identity, Packaging
Nine Spoons Soups

2022 AAF Cleveland Silver ADDY: Packaging
2022 AAF Cleveland Silver ADDY: Identity
OBJECTIVE: To reevaluate an existing brand of heritage soups to increase brand clarity and readability and repackage the product into an easy-to-boil bag that resists breakage and loss in shipping.
SOLUTION: Nine Spoons has been with us since the beginning, but her original brand and packaging were becoming problematic. We kept the most important aspects of the original logo, primarily the spoons and core colors. The new logo keeps reference with Italian design, but in a more compact and recognizable shape and a simpler color palette for greater brand flexibility. Each soup has its own unique colors and imagery to give the lineup quick differentiation among each product. ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​When we started the business, it was really important from the very beginning to develop a strong brand and logo. We weighed our options, but once we met Katie and Jasen, there was no question that we had found our team. The combination of their design expertise, creativity, and thoughtful development resulted in a brand that we couldn’t be happier with – they totally nailed it in terms of the aesthetic and feeling we were attempting to convey.

We constantly receive compliments on our brand and packaging – many from those in the industry who see thousands of examples every day. What sets Fizz apart is their commitment to getting to know and really understand the client’s story, needs and goals. Their work is unparalleled, and they are terrific to work with. They are also two of the nicest people you will meet!
–Jen Ferone, Nine Spoons Soups
The logo is inspired by mid century Italian packaging. Bold warm colors give the brand a sense comfort and heritage, while still feeling sophisticated. Different secondary marks were developed to fit specific purposes, such as social media and packaging. The tagline was also updated to better reflect their business values.  
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