OBJECTIVE: Sell a small business lender to a community that doesn't trust traditional banks. 
SOLUTION: NEO Fund is a small business lender helping their local community of Ashtabula, Ohio, which was hit particularly hard by the recession. Instead of trying to make NEO Fund into a traditional bank, we looked at what makes them unique. The partners are as likely to wear sneakers to work as a dress shirt. Their focus isn't on formality or appearances, but rather in helping people by being honest, transparent, and speaking directly. 
We developed a monogram mark that was stripped of all ornamentation, and introduced a layer of transparency. Their secondary mark then became a wireframe of the color version that hides behind nothing but is incredibly flexible. Their colors are cool and avoid the heavy use of primary colors seen in so many larger financial institutions. A flexible set of patterns allow them to build banners, posters, and other materials as necessary. 
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