Brand Identity and Stationery
Magnolia Management Group
OBJECTIVE: Magnolia is a business management company, handling accounting and other functions for small businesses. They were going through a period of internal restructuring and growth, and wanted to feel like a more formalized and professional company.

SOLUTION: We wanted to design a mark that was iconic, but also felt established. As a company that owns and buys real estate, we took a great deal of reference from architecture and the typography of Roman and neoclassical architecture. We eventually developed a monogram that has a slight serif to show refinement and history, but also felt contemporary in its architecture.  
Magnolia's offices are very minimalist modern with bold accents, and the account managers are also very stylish, so we felt comfortable making the stationery very fashionable with copper foil stamping and specialty papers in subdued shades of grey. To compliment the fashionable minimalism, the graphics we used are very restrained, with simple lines as graphic elements and two complimentary fonts that have the same internal structure. 
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