Brand Identity, Packaging
OPPORTUNITY: Grocery store shelves are awash with a chaotic array of hot sauces claiming to be the hottest or most extreme, often with flames or not-so-subtle references to your…ummm…derrière. What Llamacita Sauces saw was a lack of flavor and originality, and nothing approaching an authentic taqueria sauce that emphasized flavor over heat. 
THE CHANGE: Llamacita Sauces was inspired by the roadside taco stands dotted along the beaches of Southern California. We created a fun mascot for the brand, the Llamacita, and paired that with a custom typography solution that referenced hand-lettered signs. We accentuated the flavors for each sauce with variations to the central llama illustration, making each packaging design unique and memorable. 
IMPACT: The resulting Llamacita brand exudes vibrant–and natural–colors and a vintage California vibe that appeals to younger consumers and influencers alike. Clear labels and glass bottles give a high-end aesthetic while extolling the naturally vibrant colors of their freshly made sauces.

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