Brand Identity and Stationery
Institute for Computational Biology
OBJECTIVE: Clearly brand a scientific and health based research institute that is collecting health and genetic data from area hospitals and using computer analytics to display trends.

SOLUTION: We looked at many variations of graphs and data visualizations to better understand what the Institute for Computational Biology did on a scientific level. What we found is that many graphic elements work well as bar graphs, and we developed that to encompass the city of Cleveland, genetics, Lake Erie, and datasets. The bar graphs were also utilized to give each person's business card a unique pattern based loosely on their initials. 
When starting our research institute, we wanted a graphical element that captured the essence of what we do, but also reflected our ties to the Cleveland area. Katie and Jasen first explored our space and the figures and graphics used in our field, then started the design process. The end result is an award-winning brand which has helped us establish our presence both locally and nationally. It has truly become a part of our identity, and we are so pleased with the result.
–Will Bush, Institute for Computational Biology
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