Fizz is an award-winning design and branding studio based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our mission is to create exceptional identities for passionate organizations.

We are creative folks and believe that it is our process that sets up apart from other design studios. Our mission isn't to simply give you the logo that you want, but to design the solution that you need. We make it a point to get out and travel to learn new processes and techniques. Recently we studied typography in Rome, and overhauled our creative process in The Netherlands. 
Yes, sketching is part of our process, but we also might cut a block of vinyl or fold elaborate paper contraptions in our search for that great idea. Play is a crucial part of the creative process and something that most people don't do enough of. Computers stifle our creativity, so we always start with strong concepts before going on the computer. This isn't necessarily groundbreaking, but we absolutely follow this process. This allows us to consistently generate creative logos and strong brands.