Logo and packaging for a line of imported herbal beverages with researched health benefits. The original recipe derives from historic Ukrainian herbal treatments, and the modern formulations use scientific research to create a line of healthy and beneficial products for a modern market. 
2018 GD USA, American Graphic Design Award Winner 
OBJECTIVE: To introduce a new European herbal health beverage into a growing but already crowded US marketplace with domestic competitors.  
SOLUTION: In our research, we found that the original Dr. Ducko's recipe derives from a centuries-old tradition of herbal medicine in Europe that has staying power because of its effectiveness. To honor that tradition, we developed an ornate bottle wrap that invokes the storied history of herbal beverages and apothecaries. We then flipped the script by using vibrant colors to provide a unique balance of history and modernity. 
The product has a refreshing and energizing effect that we sought to embody in the logo itself. This is incorporated into a shield that invokes historical heraldry but also clearly conveys the herbal nature of the products with a burst of radial energy. 
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