Brand Naming and Brand Identity
Central Kitchen
OBJECTIVE: To rebrand and reorganize three separate—but related—food businesses as one public facing organization with a memorable name. The previous names were all descriptive but didn't have a strategy: Cleveland Culinary Launch and Network (CCLK), Kitchen 216, and the new unnamed co-packing space. Since they have different legal registrations, they could not be incorporated into a single company.
SOLUTION: By researching Cleveland history we found inspiration in an old landmark called Central Market. Although this hasn't existed for many years, it has cultural significance. From there we coined the name Central Kitchen as a center to food commerce in Cleveland, and rebranded each organization under that moniker as Central Kitchen Incubator, Central Kitchen Experiences, and Central Kitchen Food Hub. 
The logo itself needed to be simple and clean to work with many food vendor partners. We elected for a compact design inside a bold circle, with a slightly vintage typography treatment. We were careful to limit the color palette to black, gold and shades of gray to avoid competing with their partner brands. The result is a confident and modern brand with a timeless modernist quality. 
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