Our custom design process has been molded by over ten years of experience to focus on understanding your unique offering and how that appeals to your target clients. We ask the tough WHY questions to develop informed concepts that resonate with your customers. Instead of a trendy brand that means nothing–and will do nothing–we give you a tailored design solution that will propel your business forward.

Our Process
Working with us, you become part of a collaborative team. 
Our clients meet with us at key stages of the process to discuss concepts and provide feedback along the way. This gives us multiple opportunities to align with your core values and unique brand positioning. 
Since we work as partners with our clients, we request client meetings for Vision Boards, Concepts, and Digital Refinement. We also include meetings throughout the refinement process when needed. 
Case Study
Nine Spoons Soup Company

OBJECTIVE: Branding, Naming, and Packaging Design. 
As a startup, Nine Spoons approached us to develop their brand of fresh frozen soups. They had only just started making test batches and needed everything designed from scratch.

SOLUTION: Generating an entirely new brand is a challenge in the best possible way, so full of opportunity. Starting with research, we learned everything we could from Jen and her father, and discovered an amazing family history that would inspire the name of the brand, the branding, and the packaging. 
Jen's grandmother used to prepare a special recipe of Wedding Soup, amended with handmade dumplings, to feed her family of nine children. This wonderful family story became the inspiration for their name and branding approach. 
We built their brand from the ground up, developing a rich vocabulary of Italian-inspired shapes, patterns, and colors, and then applied those to carefully designed quart containers for their current lineup of soups. 
Vision Board Research
The richer the story we can tell, the stronger the final brand is going to be. 
Inspiration comes from many places, including client photographs, historical designs, books, magazines, and less obvious sources like our travels. 
We started this project right after we studied in Italy, so we had a wealth of personal experience to inspire us. 
Concept Creation
We incorporate an intensive hand sketch process, where we freely explore a diverse set of ideas before making selections.

Sketching is invaluable, this is where new unique ideas are generated and tested. We believe it's important to include the client in this phase, where ideas are most pure. You select the concepts that are the most aligned with your business and business goals.  

With Nine Spoons, we chose to focus on Italian designs, spoons, and the ornate patterns that arise in both. The family had nine children, and this concept became the clear leader as we explored ways of representing the origin of their unique soup recipe.
Digital Development
Only the strongest, most effective concepts are developed digitally. 
This is where we start looking closely at geometry, figure and ground, and readability. Typography choices are made, but can still change as we refine each concept. 

Since the name was meaningful, the client selected a concept that showed all nine spoons in the logo. They were also attracted to the Italian-style ornamentation that was used in that concept. Our next step was to explore how we could best display an array of spoons while still feeling clean and compact to work as a brand.
Color Research
The use of color is integral to the branding process and is considered carefully from the beginning.
Color can add calmness, excitement, or almost any emotion, often from unconscious associations we have. Depending on the positioning a brand wants to take, we will select colors that fit or contrast with expected norms. 

In considering the heritage aspect of their brand, we selected color palettes that made reference to mid-century food packaging. The feeling is warm with some patina, just like many of the storefronts in Italy. From those possible colors, we selected ones that are associated with food, since it increases attraction.
Concept Refinement
Subtle changes, final touches. 
Once the client selects a final concept, we perform some additional revisions to arrive at this last selection where different subtle components are considered.
With Nine Spoons, several fonts were considered throughout the process, as well as several different holding shapes and ornament sets. We ultimately decided that a full enclosed logo would offer more flexibility for future packaging and branding pieces. 
Final Mark
The final mark is cleaned up and files are prepared for client use. 
Every brand we build is accompanied by a brand guide book, our version of an owner's manual, to help get you started. 

The final logo feels warm and friendly, established with a bit of heritage. Nine unique spoons fill the central shield, a nod to the nine siblings. The typography references mid-century Italian designs, while ornamentation reinforces that style. The color palette is warm, with a hint of green to pair with leafy green vegetables. A custom holding shape allows the logo to work on diverse backgrounds.
Packaging Design
Packaging is a great opportunity to reinforce the strength and personality of your brand.
Label designs are an interesting challenge that must be applied to each unique product or container. But with care, even a food package with all the required nutrition labels can still have a sense of personality. 
While designing these labels, we developed a series of patterns that would represent each soup, and used color blocking so that each variety on shelf would have a recognizably different color treatment. We used this process to further refine the Nine Spoons story and better define their brand positioning.