Brand Naming and Brand Identity
Central Kitchen
OPPORTUNITY: Central Kitchen has established itself as Cleveland's go-to food incubator and test kitchen. Even though they are well known, they developed an identity problem as new services were added, and their name (Cleveland Culinary Launch Kitchen or CCLK) was a…well…mouthful.  
THE CHANGE: We identified two key challenges: overall name recognition and prospective clients didn't understand the services offered. We renamed them "Central Kitchen" as Cleveland's food commerce center and rebranded each branch of their organization as a subsidiary business. We designed a bold brand identity system and color palette that could pair with many different brand partners. 
IMPACT: Since launching, Central Kitchen has eliminated the confusion surrounding its name and the services they provide. Clients and entrepreneur prospects were pleased to have the greater clarity of an unmistakable brand with a timeless modern quality. A consistent approach to social media gave them increased brand presence. Their co-manufacture facility is reaching total capacity as new leads continue to be attracted.  
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