WMC Letterpress Notepads
  • Inspired by the charismatic Aaron Draplin, Fizz decided to do our own version of notepads for the 2011 Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. We spun up three different designs using the event and the streets near you as a scavenger hunt for unique fashion accessories. Our beautiful state of Ohio features prominently on the reverse. Small in stature, but big in awesome, these beauties were letterpress printed by Cranky Pressman with a metallic teal Pantone on chipboard and filled with brawny 70 pound stock. We love Cranky! Different notepads were packed together into VIP swag bags for the speakers and musicians. 
Promotional letterpress notepads distributed at Weapons of Mass Creation, a Cleveland design festival. Each features a fun scavenger hunt cover so it can be used as an activity book as well as a sketchbook. In conjunction with Cranky Pressman.
Branding, Design, Illustration